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  1. Sound of Grace/New Covenant Media…Welcome!



    If you were looking for Sound of Grace or New Covenant Media, you’re not lost. Those ministries (and websites) are now part of Cross to Crown Ministries. You can read more about the merger here.

    If you are looking to purchase books from John G. Reisinger, Blake White, or other New Covenant Media authors, you can do so from our store. And now is a great time because every title is UNDER $10 with FREE shipping!

    Check back here often (or follow us on Facebook and Twitter) for updates on continuing resources and archives of Sound of Grace and Bunyan Conference media.



  2. Are You A Hater?


    There’s a lot of talk about haters these days. And in most contexts it’s not usually a good thing. But for the Christian, there is something we must hate because God hates it. What is it?

    “Love without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” Romans 12:9
    • God wants us to respond to sin as He does—with profound loathing (Prov. 6:16-19, Rom. 12:9).
    • The eternity’s worth of punishment that Jesus suffered on the cross reveals how much God hates sin.
    • Understanding the depth of God’s love for sinners depends on first understanding the depth of His hatred toward sin.
    • Jesus went to the cross because God hates sin.
    • Jesus loved us enough to become the object of God’s hatred toward sin.
    • How can anyone be arrogant in a universe where Jesus Christ exists?
    • Loving Jesus is about giving not receiving. Our focus must not stay on the grace we received but on the love we can give.

    God doesn’t describe sin as brokenness, pain, or losing our way. He calls it rebellion, hostility, criminal.

    What do you call it?

  3. An Exciting Announcement!


    John G. Reisinger has been a faithful preacher of Christ-exalting grace for over 50 years. During that time, he has traveled all over as a preacher and teacher, discipled scores of men, written some 40 books, published a monthly theological journal, held an annual conference, and helped untold numbers of people see the glorious gospel of grace in Jesus Christ more clearly. His ministry, Sovereign Grace New Covenant Minsitries has been a faithful servant of the King in teaching the doctrines of grace and New Covenant Theology for the glory of Jesus Christ. It has been a ministry that shares the same mission and passion for training and equipping the church as we do. As the sunset of his ministry draws near, the question had arisen as to who will carry it into the next generations.

    By God’s gracious providence, Cross to Crown Ministries has been chosen to do this very work. By year’s end, we will have completed the merger with Sound of Grace and New Covenant Ministries, and both will become part of Cross to Crown Ministries operating out of our headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    There is much to be done for the Kingdom, and we are anxious to begin working. There are many ideas and plans in the works, some of which include the publishing of the Sound of Grace Theological Journal in some format, as well as an annual theological conference.

    We will be sharing more details as soon as we are able. You can read more about the merger in the letter written by John G. Reisinger on their website here:

  4. The Future of Protestantism


    If this the future of Protestantism, I must protest.

    When asked specifically if the differences between Protestants, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox are salvific, none of the panelists said yes. They all seem to believe that Christian unity is grounded upon sacraments and confessions and pastoral care. The gospel is apparently ambiguous and hard to define, or not worth squabbling over. According to this panel, the crazy people on TBN are obviously not Christians, but those who condemn justification by faith alone, who affirm baptismal justification, and who deny that Jesus’ death on the cross satisfied the wrath of God against sinners are just “defective brothers.”

    Christians can disagree over many things like infant baptism, cessationism, worship services, and the future of Israel, but we cannot disagree over the gospel. The nature of faith and the cross lie at the core of whether a person is a genuine Christian. Unity is important, but it must never be unity at all costs, especially when the cost has eternal consequences.


  5. We’re Still Here


    There hasn’t been a lot of activity on the website lately, not because there is little going on, in fact, quite the opposite. We have been busy praying through some exciting new opportunities and focusing our direction for the near future. As things become clear, we will reveal them here. Check back often or follow us for updates. News is coming!

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